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Ex-Gay, No Way?

This Sunday J Michael McKoy (a.k.a. “Mac”) starts his new, nationally-syndicated show, Restoring Hope Live. This show will air on XM/Sirius Radio and focuses on “Helping people Restore Hope within their Families, Friends and Relationships in the wake of Hurts, Habits and Hangups.”Restoring Hope Logo

For their first show, Mac, who rarely shies away from controversial topics, asks this question: “Can Jesus restore a gay person to a Life that God had Created for him?” Mac’s guest for this topic is Jack Morlan, former Iowa Civil Rights Commissioner and Author of Breaking the Chains. During the 70s Morlan was heavily involved in the gay scene.

Until one day, Moran met a man that changed his life. This man’s name was, and is, Jesus.

Stories like Moran’s are a mortal blow to those that want to perpetuate the gay agenda. Their fundamental premise is that homosexuality, like race, is an inborn trait. In which case, issues like gay marriage are a civil rights issue. If homosexuality is actually a behavior there is no legal or constitutional justification for their positions on anything, especially marriage.

Moran’s incredible testimony also shows that those that feel trapped in this sinful lifestyle don’t have have to stay that way forever. There is a way out! And that way is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

The show will air live this Sunday at 12:00 noon (CDT) on XM/Sirius Christian Talk Channel 131, and WebcastOneLive.com, where they will take phone calls following the live broadcast portion of the show. If you are in church during the live broadcast you can catch the podcasts on the WebcastOneLive website.

Listen in and hear his story as Jack Moran explains how it all happened and how his life has changed. You do not want to miss this incredible testimony!